I’m one of those weirdos who hangs out on the outside of a room watching the room, and figuring out what people are all about, and where I fit into the crowd. I have an ability to passively analyze groups of people and identify the dynamics of the group. Often-times this leads to my identifying inefficiencies and missed connections.

Particularly, I love to collaborate and facilitate collaborations with and among like-minded organizations and individuals. So, that is something I try and create in the world as often as possible. When combined with my deeply held belief that we all have tremendous value, and can contribute to the betterment of our world simply to sharing the ideas and skills we bring into each space – and you have the work that I do to “connect”.

There are a few times I have gotten to connect some folks and resources, and its gone pretty well. Particularly, I am humbled and honored to say that I was able to be a founding member of a local nonprofit, Kaleidoscope Creates, who’s mission it is to find and meet the needs of their community. To accomplish that lofty goal, Kaleidoscope “illuminate the needs of our community and create connections that support, and result in, an integrated community. We do this by investigating and identifying gaps in essential services available to our most vulnerable community members, and facilitating collaborations with and among existing organizations to fill those service gaps.” Kaleidoscope serves as one of the best examples, to-date, of the way in which I endeavor to create connections that are sustained through collaboration, and positive experiences.

I work diligently to build teams in my place of employment. I connecting professionals who don’t yet know each other but “should”. And I am always learnibg new ways to create containers for folks to pour their own ideas, passions and needs into so that they, too can help make their lives, families, and communities the best they can be.

In short, I guess I just love being a connector and creating whatever spaces necessary for folks to weave together pieces of ourselves, our community and our world.