I’m Naoma STaley— a Creative expert living in Las Cruces, New Mexico…

…a life-long photographer and artist raised by two scientists and contentedly homeschooled all the way through high school. I carry an insatiable curiosity and profound sense of wonder into my everyday. And its my greatest wish to impart that spark for life to others as well. I was raised all over, and often say, “I come from no land but my own.” That said, I retain a strong connection to my family and my heritage. When take a picture of something or create a new piece of art I find that the resulting creations seamlessly depict both who I am, and the world I see.


For over 15 years I have photographed my archaeology, geography, National Park Service, outdoor and urban agriculture endeavors across the country. Then I moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico, a little more than a decade ago now. Once I settled in, it felt like no other place I had ever lived or been. For me, this land underneath me is within me. It comprises my soul. It heals me and makes me whole. From now until “I don’t know when,” this is home. I’m made of it, and I make it.

As you look through the photos and art on this website, I hope that they inspire you! The shop will be open on select dates (each announced on my IG & here on the site) and the Portfolio tab will take you to a full display of my work to-date.


Thank you for visiting my site!

My Product is My Process

I’ve worked in the field for 9+ years, I’ve been able to create plans which: “predict the future” (its weird, gut the needs I have identified and the solutions a group should consider kinda’ “come true” a lot); leverage funds (over $500,000.00 in one instance); and I’ve learned to discern which methods may or may not work for a group.

I’ve been working for over ten years in jobs that require people to collaborate with one another to create the best possible outcome for themselves, their jobs, and ultimately the community.

My process? Being exuberant, opening up to get wrapped up in wonder and awe, and to allow myself to get curious and want to know more.  I love guiding others into these spaces of vulnerability and wonder as well. I may be making art, teaching bicycling, doing research, or leading visioning sessions… but it’s all about that thing I do… ushering a sense of wonder into the world so that we can chip away at the excess, and reveal the form underneath just waiting to be revealed.

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